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Aims Objectives and Policies

At Les Enfants, we aim to provide a quality childcare facility which will nurture the holistic development of every child and encourage them to become active participants in society.


We aim to provide a safe and secure setting which will stimulate each child through a wide range of child led activities and experiences. These activities and experiences and the formation of positive relationships will in turn provide children with the tools to develop and flourish as individuals.


Les Enfants Nurseries recognises that discrimination is unacceptable and will treat all children, carers, visitors and staff as individuals irrespective of their ethnic origin, culture, religion, gender, ability, social background or sexual orientation.


All staff will strive to deliver a high quality of care, meeting that required of the National Care Standards. Les Enfants staff will undertake appropriate training to meet SSSC Registration and enhance their performance, creating positive role models for the children. At all times, staff will be aware of their responsibility to share and deliver best practice and take part in all mandatory training as well as extend their continuing professional development.


Staff will work with parents, carers and other professionals to provide all children with quality care and Early Years education. We will use the SHANARI wellbeing indicators to ensure we are meeting the needs of all children. We will deliver pre-school education meeting both national and local guidelines which will cover the key areas for a child's development. Les Enfants aims to provide a broad range of learning experiences guided by "A Curriculum for Excellence" and will use the "Child at the Centre 2" document to evaluate delivery of this. The "Pre-Birth to Three" document will be adhered to for our younger children.


Les Enfants aims to develop children's language skills and cultivate their knowledge and understanding of both local community and our environment. We are registered on the "Eco-Schools" programme and are currently working towards our first flag.


We aim to allow children to appreciate free expression through a range of play, artistic, musical and physical activities delivered by staff and visitors. Staff will help children develop social eating habits and encourage their knowledge and appreciation of personal hygiene and acceptable behaviour. Staff at Les Enfants will always take time to listen to a child and will aim to build their confidence and self esteem through developing and nurturing them as individuals. Children's interests and ideas will always be the key to planning and implementation of daily activities.


Les Enfants is aware of the importance of outdoor play and aims to get the children outside to play on a daily basis. We will encourage the children to respect their surroundings and to express their ideas and preferences and use these to develop their physical play outdoors.


Les Enfants will liaise with parents and carers informally on a daily basis and will regularly report on their child's progress and development.


Les Enfants will evaluate the provision's performance through aidit procedures by CALA (Care and Learning Alliance), HMIE (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education), Highland Council's Early Years Education Team and SCSWIS (Care Inspectorate). We will also use child, parent and staff surveys to provide the best quality service possible.