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Policies and Procedures

Policy Review

At Les Enfants we like to involve our service-users in the development of the service as much as possible. All of our nursery policies and procedures are reviewed on a continuous cycle and we encourage your feedback on o #0066FF ur current policy for review, posted below.

You can share your views of this policy, or any other policy with us either by using the inquiries form in the 'contact us' section of this website, by email or even just by chatting to us or dropping us a short note. We look forward to your feedback!

We are currently reviewing our Outdoor/Active Play policy...


All children attending Les Enfants Nursery will be encouraged to take part in active play each day. This play will cover the following areas:

Spatial Awareness – eg. Obstacle Courses, Running and Jumping

Co-Ordination and Control – eg. Riding Bicycles, Bean Bags, Stepping Pots

Basic Motor Skills – eg. Climbing Frame, Bouncy Castle, Caterpillar

Aiming/Predicting/Estimating - Target Practice, Skittles, Football


Play will not be restricted to indoors and all children will be encouraged to take part in various activities within the NurseryGarden which will include, Digging, Painting, Chalkboard, Circle Games, Story Time, Snack Time, Parachute, Dancing and any other active play.

Risk Assessments are to be carried out daily as per Nursery Policies.

All parents should be advised to bring inclement weather clothing in order that their child/children are not excluded from outdoor activities.


All children within the setting either all day or session based will have access to the outdoor area at LEAST twice per day.


Updated: 09/02/15


All of our policies and procedures are available for view from the registration tables in the main entrances of all of our nurseries. You are welcome to read these at your leisure. We ask that these folders or documents from these folders are not removed from the nursery. Copies of any of our policies or procedures are available on request.