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Medicines and Illness


Should your child become unwell during the nursery day they will be made comfortable and cared for by a member of staff until you have been contacted and have collected your child.

In order to protect the health and well-being of all of the children at Les Enfants we ask that if your child is unwell you keep them at home for these suggested periods:

Sickness: 48 hours

Diarrhoea: 48 hours

Chicken Pox: 10 days from onset of rash

Rubella: 4 days from onset of rash

Measles: 4 days from onset of rash

Mumps: At least 7 days from first symptoms, and no swelling

Conjunctivitis: 48 hours from the first dose of medication had been administered

Headlice: Until treatment had been applied

Colds & Flu: Attendance at nursery is possible, based on your own personal judgement and provision of any necessary medicines. However if your child becomes distressed due to discomfort we may ask you to bring them home where they will be more comfortable.

Please note that staff will only administer prescribed medication that is essential to your child's medical wellbeing and only when authorised by a parent/carer.