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Child Collection

Collecting your child

Every day your child attends our nursery you will be required to sign your child in on a prepared register, stating the time and who you expect to collect your child. At Les Enfants we operate a password system for the collection of children. Parents will be asked to volunteer a password known only to themselves and anyone who has permission to collect their child. Les Enfants will not pass your child to anyone who does not have the correct password. In addition we will only release you child to the people named as collectors on you child's registration documents.

Our nurseries and of course their car parks can be very busy places, with mums and dads, grannies and grandads coming and going at the beginning and end of sessions. Therefore we ask that your child holds your hand or is at least kept within close sight until you have delivered them to their nursery room and once you have collected them from the room. This will provide a safe entry to and exit from the nursery for your child.

In addition to this we also ask that in the interests of safety and security you do not open the door or hold the door open for others on your departure from the nursery, even if you do know who they are.