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Parental Webcam


Digital Cameras will be fitted in each playroom and each parent will have their own individual password, which will allow them to view live video images of their children in the nursery. NurseryCam is video only and there are no audio components. All live images are encrypted before being sent through the internet and are securely accessed only by bona fide parents with the correct passwords.


NurseryCam is designed to allow parents to see their children from anywhere, be it at work, at home or on a business trip. There is no special software required as long as you have an internet connection. NurseryCam has many benefits including:

  • •allowing absent grandparents to see their grandchildren growing up
  • •reassuring parents that their child is happy, settled and well cared for
  • •satisfies regulatory bodies of good practices
  • •helps other appropriate agencies to ensure that the correct procedures are being followed at all times


NurseryCam has an excellent facility which allows staff to post notices to parents online relating to activities taking place within the nursery.


NurseryCam has been given an Award-of-Excellence for Protective Childcare Services and is as safe as on line banking. Parents who would like further information can visit their website on


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