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Nursery Layout

Our nurseries have been strategically designed and divided into playrooms to meet the different age and developmental needs of the children attending: babies, toddlers and pre-school. In addition to the playrooms we also have a sleep rooms, baby changing rooms, and soft play areas. Each room has an area which will allow your children to develop their creative skills including baking, painting, sand and water play. All rooms also provide opportunities for your child to participate in  role-play and construction play, as well as a library corner for quiet times.



Our babies are cared for in a warm, bright and stimulating environment, where they will have lots of fun  throughout the day playing with visually stimulating toys as well as participating in Heuristic Play, where they have the opportunity to explore natural  textures and play with everyday real objects in  a safe setting, rather than just playing with bright plastic toys. The babies are also be taken for regular walks as well as joining in simple activities such as finger and foot painting, singing and music. At Les Enfants we strive to encourage our babies in their physical and mental development, helping them reach the early milestones of sitting up, crawling, walking, beginning to feed themselves and babbling: the sign of early language.





Our toddlers are constantly encouraged to expand on the skills they have already learned over the past two years of their busy lives, with stimulating challenges and the provision of fun learning experiences delivered through play. As toddlers, children are introduced to creative and messy play at the next level and are given every  opportunity to explore their environment, socialise, share and make friends with other children. In the toddler room children can continue to grow in confidence and reach their development milestones.  Children are also encouraged to join in with musical activities as well as child dance & drama activities.



We are aware that at this stage, children become more independent and staff will gradually lead them into a slightly more structured environment where themed activities are planned to enhance the children's skills and give them a greater knowledge of the world around them. The children will become more confident in joining in with group activities and will be given every opportunity to make choices that will enable them to develop their own personalities.

Pre-school children will follow the national Curriculum for Excellence, as set by the Early Education Department. All activities are planned to meet the  key areas of learning. When planning to meet these areas our staff assess each child's individual needs, abilities and interests. Staff will encourage and motivate the children to develop at their own pace and help them to gain self-confidence and self respect. In this room we actively encourage our children to develop their IT skills with equipment such as PCs, digital cameras and recorders, listening centres and interactive touch-screen white boards. The children can also  take part in musical activities, dance/fitness and Swimming lessons.


The Garden

In the gardens different age groups of children engage in different activities. They can participate in environmental activities such as looking for different types of insects or planting different flower and vegetable seeds and bulbs and tending to them as they grow.  A story corner and a large patio area has also been created in each garden, where on a fine day, children can sit and enjoy participating in story telling. Picnic tables can be taken outdoors on warm days so that children and enjoy snacks and meals in a variety of surroundings.  There is also an activity play area with climbing frames, swings, trampoline and other  play equipment for children of all ages in each nursery garden.